19 April 2007


just a couple of quick notes to all of you before I hit the hay tonight...

about my photography:
All of the photos on this site are original to me and are unaltered in any way (other than cropping in less than 2% of the photos). Most of the photos (and nearly all of the photos from the last two years) have been taken with a Kodak Easyshare 7430 4mpxl camera.
I do shoot plenty of photos other than the ones that are listed on this blog (like some shots of the new Dudley Building here in Wausau). You can check all of them out on my Smugmug account.

about my blog:
I have no clue how many of you look at my blog, or who you are. Leave a comment or two if you would like to. Also, if you use an RSS reader (Google Reader, NetNewsWire, etc.) tell me how you like it.

good night.


Janelle said...

comment =)

Janelle said...

By the way, I can't believe that little camera takes such good pictures! Then again, a tool is only a tool until it gets used by the master's hands, right?! Also, thank you for posting all these pictures. They are really fun to look at!

about expressions

I enjoy photography; the beauty, the art, the expression, the memories. It helps me relax and reflect on what's important.

All of the images shown are unedited (except where noted) and are available upon request (joshualsmith at mac dot com for information).

about me

about me
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