03 October 2007

What's in a Name?

My parents chose to name me after a Biblical hero (Joshua, ya know, the Jericho Joshua) and a powerful preacher (Lee Roberson). I'm proud to be named after two Godly men.

When Shannon and I were choosing names we wanted to give our child a similar heritage in her name. Cynthia Dymick was a friend of mine in junior high. She was a very godly and mature friend. At the end of seventh grade, she was diagnosed with lukemia. Through that year, as she suffered, she always wanted to encourage others; she was always a good friend. At the end of a year, the Lord took her home to be with him. I want my daughter to strive to have a vibrant testimony as well.

Esther Nix was a God-honoring woman. She raised three children to know and serve God. One of them is my mother-in-law. I'm very thankful for the influence that Esther had on Jody. Esther went home to be with the Lord long before I knew the McMillen family, but Shannon and I know that we are in debt to her faithfulness. We want our daughter to remember and be thankful for her Godly heritage from both the McMillen and Smith families.

Lastly the rose is one of the simplest and most powerful symbols of TRUE love. All that a girl can remember about those dozen long stemmed roses from her Valentine is their beauty. She probably won't mention the fact that rose leafs come in twos, or that the thorns are a light shade of brown. She does remember the vibrant red or white that the roses were. Cynthia will remember that all of life isn't a "bed of roses," but hopefully she'll know that the most fantastic part is remembering the rose petals and forgiving the thorns.

So what's in her name? Well, we in her name is our hope that Cynthia will be a faithful friend, a Godly woman, and that she will learn true love.

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