13 June 2007

full tank

What would you do if a mosquito landed on your elbow? Why, of course you would take an "empty" and "full" shot. :)

Just to let my 'readers' know (are you really readers? - this is a photo blog...), I will be taking a brief hiatus from my blog while I make changes to my laptop that were necessitated by cirsumstances at my job. You can visit my SmugMug account until then and see the photos that I take on a daily basis.
...on the side, congratulations to Mark on his new painting contract! :)

my arm, near my elbow
taken with a Nikon D50 on June 7, 2007 by jls
See more photos at fourpointedstar.smugmug.com

1 comment:

Melinda McMillen said...

that is so gross....but cool at the same time.....only you, josh...only you!!

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