23 May 2007

busy, busy, busy

For the past four weeks, Shannon and I have been running around like chickens (or a rooster in my case) with their heads cut off. We were at BJU for their graduation, at NBBC for their graduation, at Sam & Sarah's wedding, and moved (finally) into our apartment.
Because of all of this, my photography (and posting) has been somewhat lax; but there should be a definite improvement as Shannon and I have some more free time and are only a nice walk away from the Wisconsin River. :)

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about expressions

I enjoy photography; the beauty, the art, the expression, the memories. It helps me relax and reflect on what's important.

All of the images shown are unedited (except where noted) and are available upon request (joshualsmith at mac dot com for information).

about me

about me
Joshua, Shannon & Cynthia